The world of Eduport

Welcome to Eduport. We believe that this world can be built toward a better place to live in. Better things should be promoted and we believe it can be done through the training and development activities or expose through an organised event. It will be completed with a good marketing activities. This is why in Eduport, we provide training and development services, event management services and marketing services.

We welcome and look forward to work with any organisation, clubs or individual in this areas.

So far with a few partners, we have initiated a few programs that we believe will contribute to society such as :

Together with FB Group of TV3 Scoreboard Show – Promoting alternative sports – Hi- Tea event with show of various sports – motorsports, g0-cart etc.

Together with Carrefour – promote recycle and walkathon activities in Kota Damansara.

Together with MySIHAT- promote 5 km sport run in Kota Damansara.

We run – “Goal Setting” course, “How To Manage Cash Flow” course, “Basic Excel” course and a few more courses.

We provide solution to parents around Kota Damansara by establishing Football for Kids class- Klinik Bolasepak Untuk Kanak-kanak di Kota Damansara – to settle children obesity issue, non-sosial, too much TV and game children.

We set up a “Active Urban Fitness” – a weekly wellness session in Kota Damansara to attract people to stay healthy and fit in a correct way.

We run – Parent Kid Camping – to strengthen family ties using natural way…

and many more…

Contact us for further information or to discuss how we can work together.